A story of family and friendships all over the world

Aden was born on the Basque Coast in 2003 thanks to Jean-Michel ALEXANDRE, a former salesman who decided to retrain in the creation of jewelry.

At first, "Jean-Mi", as he is known to his friends, developed a range of glass jewelry on silver. While on a sightseeing trip to Bali and when he wanted to diversify his collection, 

he met a local craftsman with whom he sympathized. Together, combining their ideas, combining materials from Balinese soil and keeping in mind attention to detail, 

they created an innovative line of silver jewelry made from coral and mother of pearl. Produced in Bali, these jewels are still imagined and marketed in France.

Secondly, Jean-Mi had the opportunity to expand the range by collaborating with India by introducing precious stones jewelry to its panel. 

At the same time, he had the idea to interest Frédéric PAPON, his advertising photographer and web specialist son-in-law, in his little treasures.

It was Frédéric who finally took over the reins of the company in 2018; he breathed new life into it by promoting Aden products on multiple Internet platforms 

such as Amazon, Maty, Cdiscount… but also on his dedicated site adensjewels.com.


In doing so, he took the small business out of its box and unveiled its potential.

At the same time, Claude PAPON, alias Clo, his wife, joined the Aden adventure with her husband. His Legal and financial training, adding his pearl to the structure, 

allowed the growth of the company as well as the guarantee of a responsive customer service which is today the pride of the company.

Finally, in 2020, Théo, their son and grandson, keen on new technologies, joined the team, his fresh outlook shaking up and encouraging the oldest to innovate, particularly through new tools such as video and social networks. 

This is definitely the gem that this set was missing.

The family adventure continues ...

The objectives for the years to come are to prioritize listening to our precious customers and to improve their satisfaction again and again. 

We would also like to expand our men's collection as well as that of precious stones jewelry. Above all, our ambition is to make our brand known beyond French borders throughout Europe.

Like the shimmering stones of our jewelry, this story wonderfully reflects our family and also friendly adventure. 

Everyone is contributing to the development of this company while respecting ethical and environmental rules, whether in France, India or Bali. 

This involvement of all is the engine of our development to continue to create unique jewels, trendy and naturally yours.

Aden's family

A natural family for natural jewelry

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