Benefit of gemstones

is a soothing stone that reduces inner anxieties and tensions, provides intellectual balance through greater self-confidence and physical confidence, including improved vision and reduced back pain.

is a stone rich in energy, it gives courage and brings joie de vivre. It reduces the effects of stress and anxiety. Through its action on the throat, it promotes oral and artistic expression. Physically, it fights allergies and hay fever.

is a stone that radiates energy and changes color depending on the light ranging from blue to red. It's a rare stone that's as expensive as diamonds. It symbolizes justice, wisdom and power. It is also anti-stress and protects against cardiovascular problems.

is the stone of wisdom and humility. It provides inner peace and soothes anxieties and angers. It calms all kinds of pains like headaches, insomnia, stress. It promotes spiritual elevation, concentration and meditation.

helps to combat stress, to analyze different situations to act more serenely. Ideal in case of emotional shock, it allows you to listen to others and enjoy them without prejudice. It purifies the blood and eliminates toxins.

is a variety of yellow quartz. Because of its color, citrine is a very warm stone and a powerful regenerative energy. Sign of abundance and wealth; It soothes family disagreements and relationship tensions.

stimulates intuition, allows us to express who we really are and eliminates addictions. It purifies our imaginary thoughts, our worries. It encourages oneself to be oneself and allows us to leave out relationship problems. As for healing, it reduces fat deposits, supports detoxifications and regenerates the liver; It is very good for the sinuses and respiratory system and especially destroys bacteria.

is a powerful energy stone that emits positive energies bringing vitality and dynamism. She fights negative thoughts and encourages people to move forward, to love life. It would help overcome the fear of death by accepting the cycle of life. Cornaline would be the stone of procreation.

once considered sacred, it is now called "The Ruby of the Poor and Bloodstone." It protects from evil and hidden dangers but also from negative energies. It is a very energizing and regenerating stone that brings energy, strength, perseverance and courage.

stimulates the reconstruction of blood and cells and activates blood circulation. It promotes healing and facilitates sleep and deep sleep. It stimulates our will, our courage and our activity. It encourages us to develop spontaneity and courage.

is the chinese's favorite stone because it symbolizes the 5 virtues: goodness, a sense of justice, intelligence, courage, purity. Jade is the stone that provides peace and harmony as well as longevity. It attracts good fortune and success.

is called "supreme protector." It is a stone of action and initiative that is ideal for people who want to complete a project. It comforts in difficult situations, it is an invigorating stone. It helps regulate the liver and stimulate reproductive organs.

is a very mystical stone with protective effects. It is also endowed with great regenerative power and allows physical and intellectual recovery. It is also a stone of intuition that promotes premonitory dreams, develops qualities of vision and contributes to the perception of auras.

is a communication stone, they say. That it brings self-confidence and makes it easier to express ourselves. It has a soothing action and provides a peaceful sleep by chasing away the stress that is in us. On the health side, stone is beneficial for relieving migraines.

is the ultimate stone of well-being. It is a soft, maternal, soothing stone. It brings serenity and allows constructive reflection. It helps manage stress and tension. This stone is excellent for people looking for "soul mates".

is a stone that absorbs negative energies and helps reduce stress and tension. It helps eliminate shyness and psychological disorders. This stone would have anti-inflammatory properties and would be a valuable aid against joint pain and problems.

is a very powerful stone that acts very quickly against negative energies and bad influences (bad eye...). It helps us to perceive more easily the truth about those around us. It helps to find a certain physical and spiritual balance. In terms of physical health, it improves blood circulation.

is a stone of protection and rooting to the earth. Useful for people with concentration problems or those who need a strong and serious situation. It is beneficial for teeth, bones, blood disorders and feet.

is a purification stone. Thus, it helps us to get rid of the accumulation of our own negative energies (anger, sadness, feelings of abandonment, resentment...). It calms anxiety, is effective ed unconstitutional.

is the stone of hope and purity that makes it a very feminine stone, very soft. It helps to develop fertility and brings marital happiness. It is also anti-thrly and protects against negative energies.

Pink Quartz
symbol of love, it is the favorite stone of the heart chakra. Thanks to its strong soothing power, it will be very useful if you suffer from insomnia. This stone stimulates friendship, brings peace, self-respect. On the physical health side, it helps to heal small wounds such as chafing.

Smoke Quartz
is a very powerful stone considered the stone of "responsibility." This rootstone helps us to have our feet on the ground, to become aware of our body and to accept ourselves as we are. It is effective against stress and helps us overcome difficult times.

is a stone that helps us to start over, to take us back into our control. It will help us regain hope through the courage and self-confidence it provides and thus enable us to get to the bottom of what we are doing. This stone has calming and antidepressant effects.

is a very powerful stone. It is the stone of the spirit but which acts with great gentleness. It is a very stimulating stone for artistic creativity and musical writing. It has a calming effect on nervous people and thus promotes a calm sleep. It is a stone that allows meditation to be intensified.

is a stone that symbolizes faith, righteousness and loyalty. It is very positive and diffuses a very powerful energy. It promotes dialogue, frankness and honesty. It awakens intuition. It strengthens nerves and improves digestion.

Blue Tourmaline (Indigolite)
is a stone related to the throat chakra that helps to communicate. It helps to achieve our goals and stay true to them. It helps to remove the negativity in us. It is favorable to the lungs, larynx and thyroid.

WaterMeline Tourmaline
helps melancholy and caring people. It is an aid in excessive feelings of guilt and soothes emotional wounds. It is attached to the heart chakra.

Tourmaline Rose (Rubellite)
is a rare and very expensive stone. It helps to release our anxieties, to prevent disillusionment with relationships and couples by helping to regularize our loving faculties. It helps to increase self-esteem. It relieves in psychosomatic diseases. It is a beneficial stone to rediscover the joy and enthusiasm of life.

Green Tourmaline (Verdelite)
is a stone that helps solve problems related to the father. It helps to strengthen family ties. It is attached to the heart chakra.

The Black Tourmaline or Schorl (Schorlite)
is one of the most powerful protective stones. It is an important stone in the practice of meditation. This stone protects us from static electricity phenomena and over-the-air waves (it can be placed next to television, laptop and all electrical devices).

is a communication stone that helps to express and promotes listening to others. It is also a protective stone against the evil eye, physical aggression. It is a positive and optimistic stone. As a result, it absorbs negative energies and can change color depending on the energy influences it receives.

is a very powerful stone. It calms people who are under too much emotional burden. It is effective for allergies and rashes. It helps with asthma or bronchial disease. It relieves gout. It's an excellent therapeutic stone. It calms pain, stops infections and stimulates the liver.

Eye of the Tiger
is a variety of stone with remarkable shimmer, an optical effect that used to be called "cat's eye." This effect combined with the yellow-brown hue betrays the origin of the name "tiger's eye," reminiscent of the animal in question. It's a good stone. Perfect for focus and recharge.

belongs to the family of gemstones with diamond, sapphire and ruby. This precious stone is the object of countless lusts, aroused by its shimmering green color and infinite purity. The emerald symbolizes hope and renewal.

is a stone that strengthens intuition and soothes. The Sapphire is also called "Peter of the Wise." It's a meditation stone. This stone will help all those who have a wobbly identity and allow themselves to be easily influenced from the outside. Tradition attributes to the sapphire the power to warn against hidden dangers.

is the royal stone that suits ambitious people. Its colour varies from light red, almost pink to purple red. Ruby is also excellent for concentration. It symbolizes happiness and fire. It improves intellectual performance and memory. It increases muscle tension and is useful in case of heavy physical exertion.