You have been looking forward to them ... And this wait will not leave you disappointed!

The sales on Aden arrive on January 20 and take full advantage of them until 02/16/2021.

This year we are taking advantage of special conditions to give you discounts of up to -60% on more than 50% of our collections, shop around and find ...

A 925-000 silver necklace in fine stones of genuine Labradorite in electric blue at 37 € instead of 44 €.

A real aquamarine ring with 4 diamonds at € 157 instead of € 225.

A white mother-of-pearl bangle bracelet in 925-000 silver for € 53 instead of € 89 Chalcedony candlestick earrings at € 43 instead of € 62 ...

A few examples for you to find your good deals in all our discounts, the year will be full of treasures and it starts today with the ADEN sales.

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